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Developer, Microsoft MVP and DevOps enthusiast
  • C#
  • Typescript
  • .NET Core
  • Swift UI
  • Azure SDK
  • NodeJS
  • Angular
  • .NET Core
  • Azure
  • GitHub actions
  • Azure DevOps extensions
  • Visual Studio and VSCode extensions
  • iOS development
  • Web development
  • Terraform
  • Bicep and ARM
  • Azure DevOps
  • GitHub
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Kubernetes
  • OpenShift
  • Ansible
  • Bash
  • Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO)
  • Visual Studio
  • VS Code
  • XCode
  • Microsoft MVP
  • Professional Scrum Developer 1 (PSD1)
  • DevOps Engineer Expert
  • Terraform Certified Associate
  • Azure IoT Certified Developer


  • Patch files
  • A simple action to patch JSON files.
  • GitHub Action
  • .env Manager
  • Quick and easy way to add entries to your .env file
  • VS Code Extension
  • Git Config User Profiles
  • Define multiple git config user profiles and switch them easily using status bar.
  • VS Code Extension
  • Export/Import Build Definition
  • A Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) extension to export your build definition and then import it in same or another team project.
  • Azure DevOps Extension
  • Extension Download Monitor Widget
  • A Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) dashboard widget which allows you to track your extension's downloads, ratings and downloads/day right from the VSTS/TFS dashboard.
  • Azure DevOps Extension
  • Export As PDF
  • A Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) dashboard to see all the details of your build definition including its steps, triggers, history etc in a neat report so that you can print it or share it with a colleague.
  • Azure DevOps Extension
  • Team Project Health
  • Enable users to visualise the overall health of builds, delivering a visual cue similar to the Codify Build Light.
  • Azure DevOps Extension
  • Offline Test Execution
  • Export and execute test cases offline and import the outcome to the test plan.
  • Azure DevOps Extension
  • Azure DevOps Status Monitor
  • A Visual Studio extension to monitor status of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) inside Visual Studio.
  • Visual Studio Extension
  • News
  • Get Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) news and updates inside Visual Studio.
  • Visual Studio Extension
  • Link To Work Item
  • Link Work Item to changeset(s) directly from History Window.
  • Visual Studio Extension
  • Breakpoint Generator
  • Automatically generate breakpoints for all the public entry points in your solution.
  • Visual Studio Extension


Group Manager
Avanade UK Ltd, London, United Kingdom

Dec 2021 - Present

Avanade UK Ltd, London, United Kingdom

Jun 2018 - Dec 2021

Ford Motor Compay, Detroit, Michigan, United States

Jun 2017 - May 2018

Lead Developer/DevOps Consultant
Accenture, London, United Kingdom

Feb 2014 - Jan 2017

Accenture, Bangalore, India

Aug 2013 - Feb 2014

Team Lead
Accenture, Bangalore, India

Apr 2011 - Aug 2013

Team Lead
Aditi Technologies (Acquired by Harman), Bangalore, India

Oct 2009 - Jan 2011

Senior Software Engineer
Aditi Technologies (Acquired by Harman), Bangalore, India

Oct 2007 - Sep 2009

Programmer Analyst
Cognizant Technologies, Bangalore, India

Jan 2006 - Aug 2007