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Hi, I'm Utkarsh Shigihalli.

Developer, Microsoft MVP and DevOps enthusiast

I work as a DevOps consultant in the UK. I love blogging, open-source and coding in general. I enjoy developing extensions for Visual Studio, VS Code and many other IDEs and I am a hobby iOS developer too.

My recent posts

Trigger a Netlify build every day using GitHub Actions

I host this blog on Netlify. Often, I end up writing few blog posts on the same day, but not necessarily want all of them published together. Jekyll allows to add future date to the posts, and those posts will not get published until the...

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Policy enforced deployments for your Kubernetes resources

As your team starts to deploy resources to Kubernetes regularly, it becomes necessary for you as a cluster administrator to maintain good standards and consistency of the Kubernetes resources. Be it, ensuring all the resources have set of...

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Keep your workflow actions up to date using GitHub Dependabot

GitHub Actions is great in automating your workflows. However, as you start using various actions from GitHub Marketplace in your workflow, it will soon become necessary for you to keep the actions up-to-date. Actions might contain...

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Setting up Azure Cosmos DB Emulator on Synology NAS

Cosmos DB Emulator is great for developing against Azure Cosmos DB in your local environment. If you want to run the emulator on Mac/Linux though, the emulator is now in preview mode at the time of writing this and uses Docker to make it...

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How to publish Helm 3 charts to GitHub Container Registry using GitHub Actions

I have already written how to publish Helm chart to ACR using Azure DevOps and GitHub actions . But did you know that you can also publish Helm3 charts (or any OCI compliant package) to GitHub Container Registry(GCR) ? In this post we will...

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Publish Helm 3 charts to Azure Container Registry (ACR) using GitHub Actions

In my previous post, we briefly covered how to publish a Helm chart to ACR using Azure DevOps. In this post we will use GitHub actions to build and publish Helm chart to ACR using GitHub Actions. We will also take a sneak peak how GitHub...

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Helm 3 - CI/CD with Azure DevOps using Azure Container Registry (ACR) and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

I have been bit late to Kubernetes world, but ever since I have started using it, I have been part of a great teams building awesome applications and using Helm package manager. With Helm, you package your Kubernetes application as charts,...

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Quickly switch Kubernetes cluster and namespaces with kubectx and kubens

Often when working with Kubernetes you might find yourself switching between your clusters or namespaces. I am doing this numerous times lately and I was slow switching using the regular commands. In this post, I would like to highlight...

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Deploying TIBCO Rendezvous on RedHat Enterprise Linux using Azure DevOps

TIBCO Rendezvous (RDV) is one of the popular messaging product for real-time data processing. Predominantly used in Financial corporations to process real-time trading, market data and efficient information flow between control systems. In...

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Troubleshooting Azure DevOps deployment stuck at 'Queued' status

Recently one of our customer was trying to deploy to an VM environment using Azure DevOps and all of their deployments were getting stuck at Queued status. To their surprise, they had idle Azure DevOps agents to work on the jobs. After...

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