24 Apr 2022

How to start minikube for specific Kubernetes version

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When you want to start minikube for specific Kubernetes release, you can use the following command:

minikube start --kubernetes-version=v1.23.0

That should set the specified Kubernetes version for the cluster. If all goes well, you will see the following output:

$ minikube start --kubernetes-version 1.23.0  

😄 minikube v1.25.2 on Darwin 12.3.1
🆕 Kubernetes 1.23.3 is now available. If you would like to upgrade, specify: --kubernetes-version=v1.23.3
✨ Using the hyperkit driver based on existing profile
👍 Starting control plane node minikube in cluster minikube
🔄 Restarting existing hyperkit VM for "minikube" ...
🐳 Preparing Kubernetes v1.23.0 on Docker 20.10.12 ...
▪ kubelet.housekeeping-interval=5m
🔎 Verifying Kubernetes components...
▪ Using image gcr.io/k8s-minikube/storage-provisioner:v5
🌟 Enabled addons: storage-provisioner, default-storageclass
🏄 Done! kubectl is now configured to use "minikube" cluster and "default" namespace by default